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Why IFP?

Proven System through Existing Branch Offices

Since IFP was created in August of 2014, we have embraced a hybrid model which has allowed experienced advisors to plug into our system either with the intent to drastically change their business model or run their existing model through our system. By allowing advisors to choose their product line and run their business their own way we have a great cross-section of talent across the country in which to mentor other individuals. With our regular team training's through web-conferences or regional meetings, we tap into this deep pool of knowledge to continually share new products and ideas with our advisors to help increase their effectiveness in helping clients. While there are no guarantees, many advisors have increased their production and assets under management after joining our team.


Dan Harriman is the President/CEO and primary owner of Independent Financial Professionals. He has significant experience in financial services marketing. (See Leadership Profile). Additionally, IFP will utilize experienced advisors to assist in the training and development process of new branch offices.

Simple and Duplicable Systems

The IFP system keeps the financial services business simple, both for clients and representatives. While the product offering is diverse to allow our advisors to help a large range of clients, we focus around financial planning as both a starting point and a continuation plan. By teaching our advisors how to develop a financial plan with a client, no matter how big or small the client, the plan itself helps determine the type of products to implement for the betterment of the client. IFP believes most families need a simple plan they can believe in, products they can understand, and an advisor they can trust.

While we will allow seasoned advisors to delve into alternate investments and more sophisticated products, we advise the newer representatives to avoid overcomplicated investments or financial strategies thereby making the system more duplicable and easier to support. We believe that a simple long-term strategy executed through a competent financial professional is the most effective way to help families plan for their retirement and other financial goals.

High Payouts on Personal Sales

Advisors within our system can get high personal payouts helping them earn more money, faster!

Recruit other representatives in the community to help with marketing

Branch managers, if they choose, can attract both part-time and full-time representatives. Representatives must obtain the necessary licenses and qualify for contracting with our affiliates. By developing a local team of representatives, they can create more synergy in their branch, reach more clients, and grow the branch’s client base more quickly.

High-level overrides

Advisors within our system can consistently earn high levels of overrides on any representatives who produce business within their branch. They can recruit representatives of varying experience levels and bring them into their branch at a contract level commensurate with their experience. In addition, within our system they can introduce us to other experienced representatives across the country

Superior Support: Independent Broker/Dealer and an Independent Insurance Operation

Our broker dealer, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. (click here to go to our broker dealer) leads the industry in providing superior tools and systems but even greater than that is the training and support they give our reps. It is an absolute pleasure to call their office as they usually stay on top of things until it is resolved. In searching for partners on the fixed insurance side, we have been fortunate to develop several strong relationships with field marketing organizations who provide simple systems to get appointed and write fixed insurance business.

Through the IFP system, we have set up relationships with truly INDEPENDENT organizations that have selling agreements with large numbers of companies in the investment and insurance fields. This independence allows our representatives the ability to use the most competitive products in the marketplace and allows them freedom to work with whatever product partners offer the best solutions for their clients. In addition to building a large, investment operation through Cambridge and their corporate RIA, our independent insurance operation continues to grow and is highly profitable.

Definite Philosophies

IFP believes in always doing what is right for our clients and we have very definite philosophies on how to help them accomplish their goals. We do not try to be all things to all people.

Our Core Beliefs for Clients

We believe in:

  • Developing Lifetime Client Relationships
  • Solutions Based Strategies
  • Protecting a Family’s Income to and through Retirement
  • Marketing products we own on our own lives
  • The Value of a Personal Advisor
  • Building Wealth through Time and Consistency
  • Leaving a Loving Legacy to our Heirs
  • Doing what’s Right 100% of the Time

We are Dually Licensed Advisors who can provide both Commission or Fee-Based Planning

While some advisors work only on a commission-based model or a fee-based model and may not embrace financial planning; IFP believes in our advisors being dually licensed, which allows us to work with our clients on whichever approach, or combination of approaches, is in their best interests. For instance, investments can be made on either a commission or fee-based model or even a combination of both for a given family, if that makes sense in their situation.

Upfront and Residual Income

Due to our flexibility in allowing both commission or fee-based products, our financial advisors can receive compensation in several different ways. Depending on the type of products they choose to use and how they choose to run their business, our advisors can receive both upfront commissions, renewal commissions, and trail commissions on their own and their team’s business. This gives them the opportunity to earn big and secure incomes. In addition, we allow advisors to work solely on financial planning arrangements with clients.