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Who is IFP?

Independent Financial Professionals (IFP) is a national marketing company whose headquarters are in Austin, Texas. Dan Harriman founded the company in August, 2014 after joining Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. After successfully reaching the top tier of two prior firms, Dan formed IFP with the intent on developing successful branch offices throughout the United States. While IFP is a relatively new company, existing systems developed over the last 30 years are utilized to offer products, services, and administrative support to branch offices.

The financial services field has been projected to be one of the fastest growing industries over the next decade. Combining forces with other independent advisors has proven to be an effective distribution system.

By packaging the sales, marketing, compensation, administration, and support systems of IFP, Cambridge Investment Research, Inc. coupled with our own proprietary financial planning software, the , into one system is a combination many experienced advisors find appealing. The system is simple, duplicatable, and proven.

In addition to running their own book of business, independent producers can introduce other experienced producers and earn overrides on their business. Depending on each branch's office model, we allow them the right to attract individuals with no experience but are looking to begin a career in the industry. Following a proven training program, many branch managers within IFP choose to help qualified candidates get through the licensing process and plug into our proven system for sales, marketing, and support.