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MoneyEdge Planning Software

At IFP, we focus on a consultative approach to financial planning rather than the industry transactional sales approach. Our approach is Needs-based planning, which provides clients the capability to align their money and life with their values and goals.

Needs-based planning is a long-term relationship of mutual respect where the result is a happier and more loyal client and a more prosperous and emotionally gratifying business for the financial professional. We have found this philosophy is not only the most ethical and client-centered method for building high-trust client relationships, but also spurs our clients to follow through with achieving their goals.

A center piece of this philosophy is our proprietary financial planning software, the MoneyEdge®.  This needs analysis software helps advisors develop financial strategies for their clients. The program is 100% web-based and examines the client’s personal financial position, identifies their retirement and other goals, and helps you work with them to develop and implement financial strategies.

While our advisors are permitted to use other software programs our broker dealer has approved, the MoneyEdge is provided for the use of IFP members as a benefit of being part of the group. 

The MoneyEdge is....

Easy To Understand: Unlike many industry financial programs, MoneyEdge creates simple, understandable reports. The program offers a simple step-by-step approach to help accomplish your goals.

Comprehensive: MoneyEdge presents a comprehensive “snapshot” of your clients’ finances: net worth, retirement, college, savings, income, taxes, insurance, and a Disappearing Debt report to help in the elimination of debt.

All In One Place: Your clients can go to one place to see all their finances, now and in previous years. Tracking progress is made easy.

"What If" Scenarios: You can check out the effects of retiring earlier, living longer, changing inflation, changing rates of return; you change a figure, hit “go” and the new numbers are instantly displayed.

Interactive: As a financial professional and you can make adjustments to your client’s plan at any time. You can access your plan over the web, from your home, office, or anywhere you have internet access.

Confidential: The MoneyEdge is on a secure, password protected site.

There are two versions of the MoneyEdge:

The MoneyEdge Express is a simplified version to allow a quick snapshot of your client’s finances without going into extensive planning. To view a MoneyEdge Express report click on the thumbnail to the left.

(Adobe Reader is required, click for free download)

MoneyEdge Express Data Input Form

The MoneyEdge Advanced report is still simple to use and simple to understand while still providing a much more detailed report allowing for a more extensive financial planning model, including up to 10 separate reports:

To view a MoneyEdge Advanced Report click on the thumbnail to the right.

To get more information about how the MoneyEdge system may help you in your practice, simply contact our office and we will be happy to work with you.

Money Edge Advanced Report

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