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IFP: “Take the best and leave the rest”

After studying different models in the industry for years we concluded there are good points and bad points of each model. We began to live by the mantra of "take the best and leave the rest."  We created IFP as a hybrid model within financial services to try to capture the best of each model while doing our best to reduce or eliminate the bad part of each.

If you are an investment professional in any of the following types of sales organizations and you are not achieving all you would like, we would encourage you to take a look at us:

  • Captive company - From a career perspective, captive companies usually provide training and support to steer you to their select product line. They may pay for or subsidize their representatives licensing and marketing costs, provide an office, and support personnel.  Usually the commissions with a captive company are much less than with an independent firm and the product line may be severely limited. Many advisors in captive companies have a great desire to be able to offer more to their clients and feel they have outgrown the company and no longer need extensive training. If this is your case, we would encourage you to contact us. 
  • Recruiting organizations - These models rely on a sales management system that recruits inexperienced representatives into the business as independent contractors, provide them training and support, and utilizes their “warm markets” for marketing.  Most of these systems operate on a “work your way up” system in which representatives must recruit a team to get promoted or earn a good income.  Some of these models will grant contracts to qualified (and often unqualified) representatives but often they are not tied to a physical branch office but rather operate out of their home.  Since these types of organizations operate on a “mass-recruiting” philosophy, there is a high turnover of representatives who may have contracted with them for a short period but did not pursue a long-term career.  These firms may offer less competitive products and rely on the agents they recruit to purchase them. Some of the advisors within IFP were first introduced to the industry through a recruiting company but discovered they would rather build a financial practice in a more professional manner with access to multiple products. While IFP does allow our reps to introduce qualified candidates to our group, we are not into "mass" recruiting, instead embracing true mentorship programs. 
  • Reps tied to an insurance operation - Many advisors are with broker dealers who are either owned by insurance companies or the principals of the marketing company put all the emphasis on writing insurance. Often promotions, bonuses, and incentives are tied to writing insurance rather than building a financial practice. This can be extremely frustrating for advisors who wish to build clients through gathering assets as insurance is simply one piece of the financial plan. With the emphasis on continually writing new insurance business, we feel your existing client base may go unserved due to constantly having to chase new business. If you are in this situation, please consider joining us at IFP. 
  • Solo practitioners - If you are a stand alone independent advisor, we would welcome you to look at IFP. Many times the "lone ranger" out there does not get a lot of support in business development and marketing. In addition, many times a well thought out continuity plan is not in place should something happen to the advisor, leaving the clients having to fend for themselves in the market place.

If you are an investment professional who simply wants to explore possibly a better way to build your practice and your legacy, we would encourage encourage you click on one of the buttons below. We would be happy to send you our complete business plan.