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Insurance Professionals

In today’s competitive world, agent recruitment by Field Marketing Organizations (FMO’s) or Independent Marketing Organizations (IMO’s) is truly a dogfight. Agents and planners often get multiple offers daily inviting them to join a FMO or IMO. We believe in the independent agent and the desire to be as independent as possible. However, there are still many benefits to work within a team environment. We have established relationships with several leading FMOs in the industry who provide a real benefit to representatives within our group:

  • Product specific training
  • In-house underwriting
  • Exams and APS ordering
  • Quick online apps (8 min or less in some cases)
  • Case design, case management, advanced market training

In addition to the support of our FMO partners above, IFP offers assistance to bring your practice to new heights with:

  • Easy to use quality financial software
  • Training on our needs-based philosophy of developing clients
  • Proven system of annual reviews with clients 
  • Regular webcasts and regional training events to improve your craft

By pooling the production of our reps, IFP is able to get some of the highest payouts possible in the industry, usually much better than independent agents can get on their own. Please click on one of the buttons below to join our team or gather additional information.