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IFP Assist

As a financial advisor, you have many responsibilities. Some of them can only be done by you, and the others could be delegated to somebody else. Having your own dedicated staff is ideal, but may be more than your business can currently handle.

With IFP Assist, you can delegate tasks to an experienced professional on an as-needed basis for an affordable rate. IFP Assist currently offers the following services:

Data Entry

Gathering client information is only one step in the onboarding process. Rather than using your valuable time to enter the information into the necessary systems, let IFP Assist handle it.

Document Preparation and Submission

Good news! Your client wants to open a new account. Now, what forms do you need again? Provide IFP Assist with basic client information and what you are trying to accomplish, and wait for the notification that the prepared documents are ready for your review. Once the forms are signed, IFP Assist can even submit them for you. 

Social Media & Website Management

If a prospective client searches for you online, will you show up? If you show up, will your online presence make them less likely or more likely to work with you. Your website and social media should proclaim who you are, what you do, and how you can help. If they don't, let IFP Assist help you set up your social media pages, make basic changes to your website, post relevant content, and more. 

Other Services
  • Marketing Assistance
  • CRM Support
  • Workflow Development
  • Operations Manual and Employee Handbook Development

IFP Assist does not require an ongoing contract or time minimums. You are simply billed for the time used on your requests, rounded to the nearest fifteen-minute increment.

Stop doing your own administrative work from start to finish, and let IFP Assist help you.

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