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OSJ Visit: More than an Audit

| August 28, 2018
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IFP branch offices have had some familiar visitors lately. Dan Harriman, OSJ Supervisor, and Tim O'Brien, OSJ Designee, have been making their way around the country to conduct required audits. While audit is a term feared by many, these visits are more than a rule-following checkup. 

The visit typically begins with a detailed review of office procedures, security measures, document storage, business activities, and more, with the goal of helping the advisor always be prepared for a spontaneous audit from a regulatory organization like FINRA or the SEC. 

Ron and Trish Rogers with Dillon Harriman and Dan Harriman

In an organization built on mentorship and teamwork, each member wants the others to succeed. An audit may reveal areas for improvement, and a visit from an OSJ supervisor or designee provides an additional opportunity to review business practices and make recommendations.

Cristian Colón and Tim O'Brien

While advisors are typically focused on compliance and the audit, they are often surprised by the added benefits of the OSJ supervisor visit. Darla Pellersels, an IFP advisor in Nevada, sat down with Dan after the audit portion was complete to simply discuss her business. "Dan shared everything from client presentations to best practices with me. We went through my priorities, and he helped me re-evaluate them."

August Bugge and Dan Harriman

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